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We are a small publishing house. However, the know-how at your disposal has been acquired in various countries and branches. Thus our knowledge, experience and flexibility enables us to offer services which large publishers find difficult to provide.
   Amongst others our expertise includes many years of experience in a leading position with one of the largest international science publishers. Our leading members of staff have more than 30 years of active work at an international level - with partners in East and West and communications in our "house" languages English, Russian, German.

If you as a managing director or manager need for your company a brochure, a (technical) manual, a CD-RoM, a new website then you might like to contact us directly via e-mail or using the contact data given below. Naturally, that holds if you want to acquire some of our freely available publications (the respective section of our website is still under construction).

A little bit of further information is provided on the following pages.

Further below on this page you find answers to the question: What else do I find on this website?

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What else do you find on this web site?
At the end of each page you get the possibility to go the entrance of the (D)German section or to one of the other sections referred to below.
   The section FAQ, formal stuff, forms contains a list with answers to frequently asked questions with regard to publishing and the transfer to other media and languages: from print to offline and online electronic pubications; from the source language (say English) to other languages. Information on formal aspects of the business is added (including our general terms of business). In the course of time a couple of forms will be added.
In our time with a strong transfer to and an almost exclusive dependence on electronic communications the confidentiality of electronic communications is a most important issue. With regard to e-mail communications we have established a trust center for our business partners. Please do have a look at the information provided there. In the course of time we will at this place add still further information (or relevant links) to be updated continuously. Information is a very precious business asset which has to be safe-guarded.
   The section with case studies & background information contains examples provided by life, funny and sad ones, such that did not have any consequences and others involving losses of millions. They illustrate the impact of the unexpected and the consequences of decisions of overburdened / careless managers / interpreters / translators. Hints are to be added to make managers / authors aware of the point that their behaviour and their work may create the conditions for still more effective and qualitatively better coopertations with publishers, interpreters and translaters. The well-known fact that kind and quality of the raw materials have a sustainable impact on cost intensity of the production and quality of the final product applies to intellectual work too.
   In the section useful information and news we collect information and news regarding particular aspects of computing, information technology, data security, viruses and with regard to Russia and Germany particulars on the countries and people, on legislation, taxes, economy etc. We try to provide fresh and novel informationen that might help you to obtain a still better basis for your decisions.
   Our short informations on these topics are supplemented by annotated links. They draw attention to a wealth of interesting information.
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